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Tattoo sharing group provides creative solutions for breast cancer survivors

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The P.INK campaign aims to use decorative tattooing to help breast cancer survivors cover up scars, forge community bonds and increase self-esteem.

It’s difficult to overstate how difficult breast cancer can be for the sufferer, and surviving it can be especially challenging if surgery has left patients with scars, amputations or other changes to their body. Now, the P.INK campaign aims to use decorative tattooing to help women cover up marks, forge community bonds and increase self-esteem. The platform operates as a Pinterest group, where users can post their own stories about dealing with breast cancer, show off tattoos they already have and share design ideas for others. The pinboard, which was set up by advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bugowsky and social cause marketing firm David Clarke Cause, already details the journey of Molly, who was left with scarred nipples after a mastectomy and had trouble finding resources relevant to her ideas for tattooing the area. P.INK aims to provide a resource for those like Molly, connecting them with tattoo artists with experience of breast inking and creative types with ideas for designs, as well as with others in a similar situation. Users can then document their own journey on the pinboard. The video below covers Molly’s experience: Like Bffl Bags – which offer practical and comforting items for patients’ hospital stays – P.INK also aims to help women with cancer by boosting their self-image and providing a community for support. Spotted by: Nathalia Souto



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