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Taxi service app lets users name their price

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Opoli is transportation app which lets users pick a price, driver and vehicle during booking, eliminating surge pricing and metered fees.

Though on-demand taxi service Uber may have cornered the market for last minute, affordable rides, for those who prefer a bit more control over their car service, Opoli is a new transportation network based in Los Angeles, which lets users choose their own price.


Opoli is a smartphone, desktop and tablet app, which enables customers to confirm a price during booking, eliminating the surge pricing and unpredictable metered fees of other services. To make a booking, customers request a pickup using the app, which uses GPS to source their location. Then, all the nearby drivers are displayed on a map, each with an attached profile, so users can select their preferred personnel and car. Opoli suggests a price and links the client directly with the drivers, giving users an opportunity to negotiate if they wish, and the drivers a chance to outbid each other. The customer then schedules a pick-up time, either immediately or in the future.

Opoli recently launched in Los Angeles. The app is free to download and the company takes no commission so drivers can charge better fares. Instead, Opoli will charge drivers a monthly subscription fee to participate in the service. What other major services can be adapted so users have more control?



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