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Tea bag faces threat from spray

Food & Drink

Drinks company launches No More Tea Bags, tea that comes in a spray can.

According to the UK Tea and Infusions Association, 165 million cups of tea are consumed daily in the UK, that’s 60.2 billion each year. In August 2016, UK-based Yumcha Drinks launched No More Tea Bags, a pre-brewed tea that avoids eliminates the use of teabags, and is instead dispensed from an aluminum spray can.

Tea drinkers spray a small amount of the concentrated tea liquid into their cup and add hot water and milk. Whilest the website boasts an end to “underbrewed or stewed” tea, listing such benefits as not having to dispose of used tea bags and an easy way to control the strength of one’s tea, it’s not clear that the innovation offers any tangible environmental advantage. What is more, there has been significant backlash from British tea drinkers on Twitter, with opposers using the hashtag #teaheresy to give voice to their complaints.

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