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Tech startup lets users interact with specific moments in podcasts

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A US-based tech startup has created a new podcast experience that lets listeners interact with specific moments.

SayCaster, a US-based tech startup, is an interactive podcast platform that lets users experience podcasts in a new way. Podcasters who upload their audio to SayCaster can add 5 to 20 ‘spots’ in their podcasts. Users can then interact with these specific moments.

The company privately launched in late 2017 and has recently launched its beta to the public. The creators came up with the idea after becoming frustrated at having to manually search for things mentioned in podcasts. ‘Spots’ are designed to engage listeners further in the podcasters content. They can include links, social media posts, videos and images. As listeners reach a ‘spot’ in a podcast, they can view and comment on the additional media. Current podcasters featured on the SayCaster platform include Trailer Junkies Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience and Waking Up with Sam Harris. Furthermore, SayCasters two-minute introductory podcast demonstrates how the platform works.

Symi Sonoma, Co-Founder and CEO of SayCaster, said: “It quickly became apparent that there was a lack of communication between the fans and creators. We realised that by introducing a dynamic podcast experience, we opened up to floodgates for two-way interaction to finally occur within the medium.”

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