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Tech support for minipreneurs

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People who work for large corporations have long relied on company tech support to get them through computer snafus and service issues. But what about individuals, small businesses, contractors and others who are responsible for their own computer equipment? is bringing large-scale tech support to the small scale. Launched by SupportSoft, an outfit that has provided tech support services to large service providers and Fortune 100 companies for nearly a decade, offers these services directly to consumers for just a fraction of what they might pay for computer repair services elsewhere. All services range from USD 29 to 99 and include data back-up, spyware detection and removal, system tune-up, and training and troubleshooting for printers, digital cameras and other equipment. Unlike similar ventures, customers aren’t charged a monthly ‘subscription’ fee. Most repairs can be done over the phone or online via a secure web server. And if a problem isn’t resolved to a customer’s satisfaction, a full refund is available. When customers contact either through the website or toll-free number, they connect with specially trained experts based in Syracuse, New York—not to customer service representatives. “Our Solutions Engineers don’t just know computers; they are experienced in home networking, high-speed data services and popular gadgets from MP3 players to smart phones and personal digital assistants.” With more and more people telecommuting, starting small businesses, and networking home computers for personal or professional pursuits, catering to home office needs could be big business for entrepreneurs who can bring big business solutions directly to consumers. One to start up locally!



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