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Tool links landlords and tenants via email and SMS


We’ve written about several tools that help apartment tenants notify landlords of the need for repairs, but recently one caught our eye that focuses on the flip side instead. Specifically, Tenant Txt gives landlords a simple, paperless way to keep tenants informed. Tenant Txt, based in Houston, is a mass alert and reminder system that allows rental communities of all sizes to easily communicate with tenants, maintenance workers and office personnel about maintenance repairs, criminal activity or community events via email and text message. Landlords can maintain an unlimited number of contacts along with their emails, mobile phone numbers and addresses; the online service uses a flat-file database, making it easy to import such information. To send an email or text message, users simply type or paste in their communication and submit; Tenant Txt then broadcasts it to the relevant list. Following a free, 15-day trial, Tenant Txt is priced starting at USD 25 per month. An autoresponder and a personalized Tenant Txt URL and email address are included with each subscription to the service. By giving landlords a faster and more eco-minded alternative to distributing paper notices and other communications, Tenant Txt offers significant benefits on the user’s end. Tenants, however, will also surely gain a better sense of immediacy and connection. Seems like a win-win all around and a no-brainer to be implemented—or emulated—in housing communities around the globe. Another paper-based process bites the dust! 😉 (Related: Web tools for landlordsUsing pictures to help tenants request repairs.)



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