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Tent doubles as a trash bag to tackle festival waste

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The Glad Tent is a festival shelter designed to become a receptacle for trash and thrown away after use.

The rising popularity of music festivals located in the countryside has meant that the beautiful scenery they take place in is often left looking more like a trash pile once the crowds have dispersed. In order to make it easier for revelers to pick up the inevitable garbage they create over the weekend, waste product manufacturer Glad has developed the Glad Tent — a festival shelter designed to become a receptacle for trash and thrown away after use.

According to Miami-based marketing agency Alma — which created the tent — some 77 tons of waste was left on the grounds of the Wakarusa festival after its 2013 event, while Bonnaroo saw 600 tons this year. In order to curb the problem at this summer’s SXSW in Texas, the team handed the Glad Tent out to those who promised to use it to clear away their trash before they left. Made from the same durable and waterproof material as Glad’s ForceFlex garbage bags, the tents could house one person, along with their rucksack. Once the festival was over, the tent could easily be transformed into a large trash bag to collect any rubbish floating around their campsite. The video below offers more information about the tent:

While we’ve already seen CleanPicnic offer a picnic blanket that doubles as a disposable garbage bag, the Glad Tent goes one step further by targeting events where litter is becoming a major issue. Although Glad has no plans to bring the tent to market, could someone else pick up the baton to turn the idea of a disposable shelter into a feasible commercial product?

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise



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