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Tesco recruits children for new advisory board


It was less than a year ago that we featured Tesco’s experiments with drive-through delivery, but recently we came across a reason to feature the UK grocery retailer again. The innovation this time? The Tesco for Schools & Clubs program, which is now recruiting UK kids to serve on a brand-new advisory board. Through the Tesco for Schools & Clubs program, 440,000 pieces of equipment worth GBP 9.3 million were donated last year to schools and clubs around the UK in exchange for vouchers earned with shopping bought at the company’s stores. Now, Tesco seeks six local kids between the ages of 9 and 12 to serve on its first Kids’ Board, which will help shape the Schools & Clubs program. The company currently invites interested kids to apply; the deadline is May 20. Those chosen will be invited to attend a board meeting at Tesco’s head office this summer to offer their input on next year’s plans for the Schools & Clubs program. They’ll also win 10,000 vouchers for their own school or club, as well as a laptop and digital camera. Runners-up will receive 1,000 Tesco for Schools & Clubs vouchers and a digital camera. Given that today’s school kids are tomorrow’s shoppers, forging an early relationship and refining your kid-focused offerings accordingly makes good sense. Other retailers around the globe: what are you doing to get to know tomorrow’s household decision-makers? (Related: Video stories for kids, read by kids online‘Buy one, donate one’ effort lets kids direct the givingMercedes launches driving academy for kids & teens.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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