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Text service is everyone's on demand personal assistant

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Magic is the personal assistant you don't even have to speak to, promising to source and deliver anything the customer wants, on demand.

There are services to help consumers buy their dinner ingredients, platforms to help them source elusive clothes and apps to help them pay their utility bills — but a new text service called Magic may mean that no-one ever needs to use any of them again. Magic is the personal assistant you don’t even have to speak to, promising to source and deliver anything the customer wants, on demand — as long as its legal.

Customers sign up to the service for free by texting the number found on Magic’s simple website. Then, whenever they are too busy or too lazy to source something they need for themselves, they simply text a request and Magic will organize same-day delivery, contacting the appropriate service on their behalf. Magic’s operators will converse with the customer, getting more details if necessary, before offering a quote for the service or product they are looking for. The quoted price always includes the cost of the product plus Magic’s service fee and a tip for the operator, so there are no hidden fees. The service fee depends on the cost of the product, as well as the ease with which it can be acquired, so it varies from case to case. If the customer is happy to go ahead, Magic take payment via credit card and make their delivery as soon as possible. At this point, first time users need to provide some information such as name and address and credit card details.

Having launched in the US a little over a week ago, Magic has already received over 28,000 texts and is currently so over subscribed that it is placing requests in a waiting list, while it attempts to catch up with demand. You can watch Brent Rose from Wired Magazine test out the service in the video below:

Are there potential partnerships which could streamline Magic’s operation?



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