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Text service for tax returns

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Tada allows users to text their information and documents to experts who will affordably calculate taxes and complete returns.

We’ve seen how texting is being used to make services more accessible to millennials, such as reminding young adults about important deadlines and requesting a handyman. Tada is a text-based service that wants to make the process of doing tax returns easier.

Users text an expert with details of their tax year, answering questions about their earnings and sending important forms as pictures. The experts search through all available deductions, providing users with completed tax returns, both federal and state, including details of any expected refunds. The process takes two hours at a cost of USD 20 or USD 40, depending on circumstances, resulting in a more affordable and convenient process than visiting an accountant.

Although services such as Turbotax already offer free tax return services, this model would appeal more to the text generation. What other services could be text-based?



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