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The Beautiful Ones

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Dutch temp agency Models At Work has found its niche: supplying event organizers with pretty people for work and decoration.

Beautiful people have always had it easier, but in today’s appearance-obsessed society it really pays to be one of the Beautiful Ones. As no event, party, night out, shopping spree or fancy dinner is complete without pretty people serving, tending, hosting, welcoming or just chatting, a whole new market for renting out aspiring models who can just ‘be’, is opening up. Witness the success of Dutch temp agency Models at Work, which has 150 aspiring/beginning models on file. Corporate clients like Martini, Bacardi, Moet & Chandon, Coca Cola, Puma, G-star, Cartier, MTV, Elle, Esquire, T-Mobile use the agency to make sure their corporate and marketing events are chockablock with easy-on-the-eyes Dutchies. To stay true to the company’s name, some of them will actually do some work, manning the bar or checking coats, though others are just eye-candy, mingling with guests, or injecting the dance floor with a dose of it-ism. Let there be no doubt: this is serious business, as there’s tons of work to be had. Just the collapse of traditional advertising and the subsequent shift towards real-time, in the flesh promotional events and branding experiences means there will be an insatiable need for model-like bodies to fill galleries, tents, ballrooms, bars and lounges, in virtually every city around the world. For those of you who are ugly: start your own modelsatwork and taste sweet revenge by making the pretty people work for you!


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