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The nutritional low-down on fast-food restaurants

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With a few exceptions, few restaurants go out of their way to publish the nutritional information about their food, at least not in any obvious way offline. Much the way D+caf Test Strips have blown the proverbial lid open on caffeine content, however, Fatburgr is a new site that puts together in one place the nutritional facts about a variety of fast-food restaurants and chains. Some 20 restaurants are currently listed on Fatburgr—including McDonald’s, Subway and Chili’s, for example—and more are being added every day, the company says. For each of them the site lists the calories, fat, carbs and fibre content for each menu item, and users can sort the list by any of those criteria. Listings can also be searched by food type, and all data is available by iPhone for those needing to make ordering decisions on the go. Fatburgr is free to use. Besides equipping consumers with information that can help them stay healthier, of course, Fatburgr is also a nice example of what our sister site would call transparency tyranny, leaving companies with nowhere to hide the facts they might prefer not be known. On that note, Fatburgr has even set up a “wall of shame”—though it’s still empty—for restaurants that won’t fork over their nutritional information. Restaurants around the world: Be prepared to open up the truth about your food, or this could happen to you! 😉 Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann


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