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Artistic approach delivers luxury branding solution

Fashion & Beauty

The idea of creating an emotional customer experience to highlight brand values is not a new one. However, it’s a strategy that relies on quality, and that’s where so many brands fall down. The Art Box Collection aims to produce branding solutions that are genuinely artistic. Based in Berlin, the young company claims to be able to handle “any topic” and use “any material” to create boxes suitable for anything from reward packs, consumer communication, PR kits and exclusive gifts. They are keen to seek out green, sustainable materials and production methods to craft the final products, all of which are “Made in Germany” — with all the quality such a tag implies. What’s more, they can personalize each and every box sent out, and — by collaborating with a wealth of artists around the world — they aim to deliver products that would be just as at home in a gallery as anywhere else. In an increasingly digital world, an eye-catching analogue presence can create a powerful effect for brands. How can you reach, and delight, consumers offline?



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