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At bar/gallery/pizzeria, photographers take turns curating exhibits

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It’s not unusual to see artwork on the walls at bars and restaurants; what’s less common is to see a bar and restaurant double as a photography gallery and community space—one in which the photographers themselves take turns curating quarterly exhibits. That, however, is exactly the premise behind The Camera Club, a new venture launching in Australia this week. The Camera Club is a new “community-minded bar & gallery concept that’s dedicated to celebrating creativity through camera-based pursuits,” in the words of its founders. With support from New Zealand vodka purveyor 42Below, The Camera Club is based within the Beach Road Hotel on Bondi Beach and will launch this Thursday. In addition to a bar and wood-fired pizzeria, the space will feature quarterly exhibits, each curated by a different photographer. Ten photographers in all will exhibit their work in each zero-commission exhibit—each of them selected by one of the other participants—resulting in 10 micro-galleries focusing on a single, overriding theme. The bar’s maiden exhibit, for example, will be focused on the theme, “We all have teenage fantasies.” The bar and restaurant, meanwhile, will support each show with items such as photo-inspired pizza boxes, guest photographer menus and exhibition-inspired cocktails. Ultimately, The Camera Club will include a working photography studio, member library, vintage photo booth and other camera-related inspiration as well. Given the plethora of watering holes in most cities around the world, the focus on a single niche could become a differentiator for hobbyists while offering a novel experience for everyone else. Upcoming features such as the photography studio and library, meanwhile, could turn The Camera Club into more of a being space for enthusiasts. How long before we see the involvement of a major photography brand—and how long before we see bars and restaurants dedicated to other popular pursuits? (Related: Guided travel for photographersBrands take turns running airport store.)



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