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Online store helps equip Indian girls for school

Nonprofit & Social Cause

In India, only three of every 10 girls who enroll in Grade 1 make it all the way through to Grade 10. Aiming to spare more girls the all-too-common fate of being married off early or — worse — sold into sex slavery, The Girl Store is a site where ethically minded consumers can buy Indian girls the supplies they need to keep them in school. Encouraging visitors to help “buy a girl her life back,” in the site’s own words, The Girl Store gives shoppers around the world a way to buy Indian girls the pencils, uniforms, backpacks and other equipment they need to attend school. Numerous individual girls are pictured on the site, along with their school-supply needs, each of which can be purchased separately. Additionally, included free with every purchase is a tutoring service for 1.5 hours a day. Once everything has been purchased for a girl, her picture is labeled “off to school,” indicating that her needs have been met. Donations can be made through the site as well. Created by nonprofit Nanhi Kali in cooperation with the Mahindra Foundation, The Girl Store also recently opened a physical presence in New York City. One to sponsor, partner with or otherwise get involved in? (Related: Matching netbook donors with students in need, and forging personal connectionsBuy a tie, give a child a school uniform.) Spotted by: Parul Rohatgi



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