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In Washington DC, site maps out food trucks' current locations

Food & Drink

It’s hard to imagine a better testament to the popularity of today’s upscale food trucks than a site dedicated purely to the purpose of keeping track of them all. Sure enough, now serving the Washington D.C. area, The strEATS is a site that maps out the current locations of the city’s favorite food trucks for tracking in a single glance. Many of the new food trucks we’ve featured have used Twitter to broadcast their current locations, of course, but for consumers with multiple favorites, monitoring multiple feeds can become a burden. So argues The strEATS, which now offers a map-based alternative. Users simply enter in their own current location, and the site will display which food trucks are nearby. Alternatively, they can view the site’s map for a quick snapshot of all the area’s purveyors at once. Also included on the site are pages dedicated to each individual food truck, with a description of their menu, pricing, latest tweets and other information. A mobile app is coming soon. As the popularity of gourmet food trucks expands around the globe, it’s a safe bet fans in most cities could use some help keeping tabs on them all. One to emulate for budget-minded foodies in your neck of the woods? Spotted by: Zachary Love



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