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Daily deals offered only during businesses' slow times


Daily deals sites are all well and good for sending a company extra business; the only problem is that much of that business tends to arrive when the company would have been busy anyway. Aiming to help perk up the recurring lulls in an enterprise’s normal activity, ThinkNear targets potential customers who are nearby and entices them with deals right at the times when the company needs them most. Companies begin by telling ThinkNear about their slow periods, including the range of discounts they can offer during such times. ThinkNear then monitors the local environment for other factors that can also cause slow-downs, such as rain and snow. Either way, when such periods occur, ThinkNear determines the level of discount necessary to get people into the store and it automatically offers the corresponding coupons within popular apps on nearby consumers’ mobile devices. The result: More business, it says, than the store would otherwise enjoy. ThinkNear is free for the first three months; after that, it costs USD 99 per month. The video below explains the premise in more detail:
There’s been no stopping the run of deal-a-day innovations we’ve seen in recent months, but the arrival of ThinkNear and other more narrowly focused services suggests maturity is on the horizon. How could your brand put a finer spin on the daily deals concept?



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