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Morphed photos help dieters visualize a thinner self

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Dieters seeking extra motivation can already pay a professional nag to keep them in line, but those who prefer a less in-your-face approach now have a new alternative: a service that helps them visualize how they’ll look if they stick to their fitness plan. Launched in late May, ThinnerView is a service that aims to help dieters keep their eye on the prize, as the saying goes, by showing them how they’ll look if they achieve their goals for losing weight. Customers begin by uploading a photo of themselves at their current weight. From there, ThinnerView hand-alters the image based on the customer’s requirements, bone structure and body shape to render the most realistic results possible—it does not use simple, generic slimming software, the company stresses. Within two to three working days, the customer can download their “after” image, share it with others or post it on their Facebook page. ThinnerView is best-suited for showing weight losses of between five and 105 pounds; for more than that, the company encourages customers to order a mid-point photo along the way. Pricing is USD 14.99 for the first image, with reduced prices for subsequent ones. With a way to visualize their goals in a concrete way, dieters’ success rates can increase by as much as 75 percent, Virginia-based ThinnerView says. Fitness clubs around the world: one to partner with and offer as an extra service or even as a perk for your premium members…? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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