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This app could make bricklaying faster and cheaper

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A software company is selling a hologram-creating app to help brick masons

Spotted: Software company Fologram is using holograms to revolutionise how brick masons work. Traditionally, complicated brickwork is expensive, requiring time-consuming planning and minute control over details. Fologram has produced an app that translates a sketch of an already designed brick project into a hologram that is projected on the worksite. By wearing special glasses — HoloLens — made by Microsoft, bricklayers can see the hologram and follow step-by-step instructions to rebuild the sketch in real life.

The app has already been piloted by Tasmanian company All Brick, alongside HoloLens. CEO of All Brick, Colin Barratt, who has worked with the technology, said it took just seven hours to complete a job. Normally, it would have taken two weeks.

The app is currently available for download on the Fologram website. Access to the program costs €112 per month per headset.




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