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Three US cities join forces to digitally manage scooter traffic

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Detroit, Omaha and Charlotte are piloting a collaborative urban mobility management system

Spotted: Three cities in the United States are teaming up to pilot a new software system that coordinates payments for using rideshare scooters and bikes. Developed by Passport, the platform will provide city governments with a digital infrastructure for coordinating multiple micro-mobility service providers.

Commuters will be able to make mobile payments for travel and parking. Agencies and service providers can manage tolls, ticketing and permits online. It will be the first time that data analysis and software are used by a city to manage such a system, including the collection of payments for scooter parking.

The cities — Charlotte, North Carolina; Omaha, Nebraska; and Detroit, Michigan — are hoping that a collaborative approach will help them better manage scooter and bike traffic. They will share analysis of bike and scooter distribution and patterns of use. The goal is to provide a more equitable distribution of vehicles and improve overall road safety and traffic management.



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