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Smart desk

Three-screen smart desk reacts to hand gestures

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A new smart desk incorporates seamless technology and optimized business tools to enable workers be more productive.

Technology has revolutionised the office space. Once a space simply filled with wooden desks and computers, new innovations have streamlined tasks and transformed workspaces. From the USB device that helps office workers with their time management to customisable working cubicles, workspaces have never been so versatile.

Industrial manufacturing company Cemtrex has taken its own spin on the desk. The sit and stand SmartDesk has three monitors and a scanner built into its minimal setup. The three 24-inch IPS touchscreens use a touch gesture system called STARK. This enables users to look through documents and images by waving their hand.

SmartDesks are connected to a Windows PC that’s powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i7, attached to the underside of the desk. The desk also has wireless phone charging built in so users can charge their smartphone without making clutter. The desk also has integrated phones so users can call, text and mirror phone action without touching anything.

Health and wellbeing is an ever-increasing concern in the workplace. It is well known that sitting hunched over a computer for hours everyday is unhealthy and bad for your back. Such posture creates sore backs and necks, which can cause long-term damage. The SmartDesk is adjustable between sitting or standing positions, so office workers can choose their position at will. A huge percentage of 21st Century workers are office-based, so fresh approaches to age-old setups give the workplace a modern twist. Deliveries of the SmartDesk start in September 2018 and it’s available for pre-order for 3,999 USD.



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