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Through app, diabetes is gamified as a monster to be tamed

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mySugr makes it more fun for diabetics to monitor and treat their condition by treating it as a virtual monster that reacts to their actions.

For diabetics, logging information about blood sugar levels to ensure they get the right amount of insulin each day can be a constant and endless task. We’ve already seen the Timesulin offer a helping hand by delivering data about the last time they injected, and now mySugr is an app that makes quantifying daily health more fun for diabetics by treating it as a monster that needs to be tamed. Based in Austria, the startup aims to use gamification techniques to get diabetics to create detailed logs of their daily stats in order to provide a better view of what’s going on over time. Each user gets a monster – which they can give a name to – that represents their diabetes. The monster talks back to users when they enter some data – whether it’s blood glucose numbers, time of injection, the meals they have eaten or activities they’ve done – and reacts positively or negatively based on their performance. By keeping the monster happy, diabetics increase the amount of data they have on their condition and can use the app to create detailed graphs, informing them of how their body behaves in certain situations. The following video explains some of the ideas behind the app: mySugr is free to download for the iPad and iPhone from the App Store. How could gamification help sufferers of other conditions better monitor their health? Spotted by: Alexia M and MM



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