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Writing platform facilitates collaboration from any device

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There’s no doubt the content-producing masses like to collaborate, and technology is helping that happen in more ways than ever before. Much the way WEbook helps writers collaborate, Songza lets music fans create shared radio stations and even London’s Royal Opera House has undertaken a crowdsourcing effort via Twitter, so ThumbScribes enables the collaborative creation of virtually any kind of content from just about every type of device. Inspired by chain novels and the 1900s parlour game Exquisite Corpse, New York-based ThumbScribes is a platform for creating collaborative content. Participants on the site, which is now in beta, begin by signing up and then either creating a new “scribe” — or piece of content — or joining in on one already started. Haiku, poems, short stories, flash fiction, novellas and songs can all be created asynchronously or in real time on the platform using computers, tablets, cell phones, IM and Twitter. Scribes get passed back and forth among ThumbScribes authors, who add new chapters or sections to the work until it’s completed. They can be kept private and limited to a select set of authors, or they can be opened up to the world. Once a piece of content is completed, it can be published on the site and open to visitors’ votes. Will the crowds ever stop creating and collaborating? Never. And will brands ever stop recruiting them for new content? Certainly not. Facilitate the process, and you just may find yourself sitting happily in the middle 😉



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