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In Thailand, eco-vacations on an organic rice farm

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Ecotourism is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry today, and recently we came across a particularly interesting example. In Thailand, Tigerland Rice Farm offers families eco-vacation trips in which they can live and work on an organic rice farm. Available during the rice-planting season of June and July as well as the harvesting season of October and November, Tigerland’s six-day experiential trips give urban families a taste of a different way of life. Set in Chiang Rai in the hills of northern Thailand, Tigerland Farm lets participants have a hand in each step in the process of planting or harvesting rice. Included along the way, however, are pleasurable extras such as dips in a nearby river, bamboo rice dinners, a visit to the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar, bamboo weaving, and a nature trek to nearby Lahu Village. Tigerland’s eco-vacations are the brainchild of Singapore-based Stone Edge Experiential, while participants are hosted and cared for by the Thai Watasittikul family that runs the farm. Also available are a variety of cultural trips and a two-day, one-night Bamboo Forest experience. The trips cost SGD 480 per person, which includes meals and accommodation, and pick-up and delivery to Chiang Rai International Airport. The video below illustrates Tigerland’s rice-farming trips in more detail:
The planet’s environmental challenges might be here to stay, but so too is consumers’ desire to help. Combine the opportunity to do so with a powerful life experience, and you just may have a winner. Spotted by: Eric Tan



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