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Tiny house designed as affordable vacation home


A new tiny house has been designed to put the dream of owning a vacation home within reach of many.

The tiny house movement is taking off around the world as people yearn for a simpler way of life. Innovative tiny houses range from vacation cottages that can be easily moved from place to place, to urban retreats that can be tucked into a parking space. Now, Brooklyn-based Klein has created a tiny, affordable vacation retreat. The house, dubbed A45, is 13 feet long and constructed from wood and glass. It was designed by the Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group.

Klein was founded by interior architect and product designer Soren Rose. He claims that many people who live in cities yearn to have a home outside the city, but that the high cost of real estate and construction make this impossible for most. Rose thinks that the A45 will help make the dream of a vacation house a reality. He promises to build a customisable house within six months of ordering, and claims that the A45 can be constructed in just two weeks. The structure is supported by four concrete pillars which elevate the structure slightly. This allows it to be placed on almost any site without heavy machinery to level the ground. The building is pre-fabricated and assembled on site.

The A45 is designed for sustainability and off-the-grid living. The one-storey building is just 183 square feet (17 square metres), and includes an open-plan living and sleeping area with a loft. It is made up of triangular walls that curve up to form a structure similar to an A-frame cabin. It is built out of wood inside and out, and is designed to include a wood-burning fireplace. Klein plans to roll the houses out later this year, with a final price of around 50,000 USD – 300,000 USD. Will the A45 put the dream of owning a vacation home within reach of a wider range of people?




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