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Small robots for less disruptive renovations

Work & Lifestyle

q-bot navigates underfloor spaces to provide mapping, repairs and insulations without major disruptions to homes.

We’ve seen how robotics can renovate the home, with these tiny robots that reconfigure whole rooms. Now q-bot are using intelligent robots to perform renovation jobs around the house.

The robots are designed to fit into impractical spaces, such as in-between or underneath floors. They are able to accomplish a range of jobs, including mapping and surveying environments, deep cleaning and insulation. The insulation solution is q-bot’s main target market, with many Victorian homes in the UK often requiring disruptive building work to install energy saving refurbishments. Though they are remote controlled by a human operator, the robots are capable of making autonomous decisions about the best way to apply the foam based insulation, due to their land surveying functionalities.

Robotics can provide solutions when jobs become too dangerous or impractical for human workers. What other working conditions could bots be used for?



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