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Online platform helps couples with relationship management

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Couples in troubled relationships can already turn to the crowds for help resolving their disputes, as we noted a few years ago. A newer option, however, is to use technology to help prevent such disagreements from ever arising. That’s the premise behind Tokii, which bills itself as the world’s first relationship management platform. Now in beta, Canadian Tokii is a free site that aims to help couples improve their relationships in a playful, easy way through interactive tools and games. The site’s TradingPost tool, for example, helps couples negotiate for what they want — a back rub, say, in exchange for help washing the car — helping to ensure that neither side ends up feeling put upon. MoodMeter helps each partner stay attuned to the other’s mood, while the LoveZone Quiz helps them discover the best ways to make each other feel loved. The site explains: “All products are focused on using the digital space to further deepen relationship communication and experiences that put play into everyday activities.” Military-class security, meanwhile, keeps everything private. After winning the Maple Leaf Digital Lounge’s Best Canadian Startup Award at South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) earlier this month, Tokii is now working on more games for the site as well as a mobile app. Nowadays, it takes a real dose of creativity to create originality in the crowded online space, but for the time being, Tokii is offering something truly different. (Related: Philips expands line of massagers for couples.)



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