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Virtual jogging through Google Maps mashup

Sport & Fitness

Just as Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, so one might say Google Maps is inspiring the launch of a thousand new applications. Case in point: Tokyo Jogging, a new mashup of Wii technology and Google Maps that allows users to take a virtual jog through the streets of Tokyo. Created by software engineer Ryo Katsuma, Tokyo Jogging functions much like Wii Sports Jogging. Users begin by downloading free server software from the site. They then connect their Wiimote to Google Maps’ Street View, and hold the Wiimote while jogging in place in front of their computer. Google’s Street View guides them along the streets of Tokyo, giving the impression of a brisk jog through the city. A video demonstrates the application in action. There once was a day where online was on, offline was off, and never the twain did meet. Those days are gone! Today OFF=ON and ON=OFF, as our sister site likes to say, and riches await those who can make the most of the intersection. Read up, be inspired, and start some mashing up of your own! (Related: Online game focuses on real-world kindness.) Spotted by: Raymond Kollau



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