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Truck offers mobile bottling for DIY brewers

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For small brewers around the world, bottling a beer is something that must typically be done manually on a very small scale or—with commercial help—on a very large one. Enter Tom Wood’s, a British brewer that recently launched a mobile bottling operation in the form of a well-equipped truck that can drive to virtually any UK location. Tom Wood’s has been brewing beer since 1995 under the Highwood Brewery name. More recently, the company’s versatile operation-in-a-truck has begun offering full bottling service for other brewers as well, including everything from pre-production bottle washing through a range of bottle capping options, labelling and finally shrink-wrapping. With trained staff on-board, the bottling truck was recently showcased on British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s “The F-Word,” where it was used in London to bottle Ramsay’s own home brew. Whether for local craft brewers, individual enthusiasts or sellsumers with a side brewing business, a mobile bottling alternative that requires no capital investment or travel will be a compelling option indeed. Other large or medium-sized brewers around the world: time to equip a truck of your own for some new mobile services…? (Related: Local wines, professionally made from amateurs’ grapesWine commerce for amateur vintners.) Spotted by: Dana Montenegro



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