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Tool lets users promote charities through the content that inspire them

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Givey Share is a social fundraising feature which enables web users to share digital content in a way that encourages charity donations.

Earlier this week, we wrote about Ideal Impact, an app which aims to raise support for charitable organizations by mobilizing readers that have been inspired by online content, and pointing them in the direction of social impact opportunities. Capturing that same energy is the new Givey Share feature from the UK-based online donation platform Givey.


Givey is a social giving platform for anyone to make donations to more than 8,000 charities by text or tweet. It passes on 100 percent of the donations. Now, Givey Share is a social fundraising feature which enables users to share digital content that has inspired them, and encourage charity donations. Users can either create new digital content — such as a pledge to run a marathon for charity — or simply copy the URL of a stirring video, image or link they have seen and paste it into Givey Share. Next, they connect this content with their preferred charity, and select the amount they want to donate — anything from a minimum of GBP 1. They can then share this on their social media channels, inspiring other people on their network and encouraging them to match their donations. Other users can then follow the link and make their own contribution to that cause, or another that they prefer, with only a few clicks.

How else could the phenomenon of digital content sharing be transformed into positive action?



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