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The Top Ten Innovation Report for July


Here is this month's Top Ten Innovation Report, featuring the most inspiring and popular business ideas from the Springwise Access database over the last four weeks:

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1 Virtual haptics system lets users feel without touching

Ultrahaptics is a virtual interface which enables users to experience ‘phantom’ tactile sensations in mid-air with their bare hands.

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2 Nutritious powder is made from freeze-dried expiring fruit

FoPo is a nutritious powder made from market fruit that has been freeze-dried just before it expires, in order to help reduce food waste.

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3 Top 10 business ideas from Marketing & Advertising over the last 12 months

We’ve picked out our top ten Marketing & Advertising articles from the last 12 months on Springwise, designed to provide you with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future

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4 App connects users with charities based on the news they read

Ideal Impact mobilizes inspired readers, pointing them in the direction of social impact opportunities based on the news content they read.

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5 VR exercise machine lets users fly while they workout

Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which simulates flying and utilizes VR to let users enjoy fantastical adventures while they workout.

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6 Social media site pays members with cryptocurrency for using the platform

Reveal is a new app which combines social media with its own integrated cryptocurrency, creating an owner out of every user.

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7 Plugin helps local bookstores steal customers back from Amazon

Bookindy is a Chrome plugin which hijacks Amazon’s site and tells customers the best book price from their local store.

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8 Smart wooden dolls let kids communicate from afar without screens

Avakai are smart wooden dolls that use Bluetooth and various sensors to help children connect to each other from afar without any screens.

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9 Anyone can learn coding for free by completing projects for nonprofits

Free Code Camp is an organization teaching anyone to code and enabling them to become software engineers by working on projects for nonprofits.

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10 Smart bins could provide citywide WiFi in NYC

Waste management company Bigbelly is piloting a scheme in New York, using their smart trash cans as vessels for a municipal WiFi network.

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