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Top 10 lifestyle & leisure business ideas in 2007

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We’re deviating from our regular schedule to bring you the best new business ideas of 2007, featuring our personal favourites. This isn’t a trip down memory lane—all of these smart concepts will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2008. Next up: lifestyle & leisure.
  1. Crowd-buying a soccer team: MyFootballClub, which we’ve been tracking since they launching in May 2007, announced that they’ve agreed to buy a controlling stake in Ebbsfleet United FC, with the option to buy the the remaining share in the future. To refresh your memory: in less than three months, MyFootballClub signed up … More »
  2. Genome mapping services: Human beings have long wished for a way to know what their genes hold in store for them. It’s a wish that’s starting to be fulfilled with the emergence of personal genome services. Three contenders in this area have all made announcements within the last few weeks: deCODEme, 23andMe … More »
  3. Workouts for body & mind: While indoor bike rides through pre-recorded video landscapes are nothing new, Connect18 has added a twist: immersion learning. Not only is this a fabulous example of multitasking, but combining exercise and education makes them both more enjoyable. Connect18 Group Tours offers the opportunity for a team of riders on … More »
  4. Art after life: Opening this Saturday in Graton, California, Art Honors Life is a gallery that will showcase the work of artists and artisans who create urns and other funeral vessels. The gallery’s owner previously organized exhibitions of funeral art and also runs … More »
  5. Drive-in cloakroom for festivals and events: Following luxury loos, posh showers and boutique lodging, our latest spotting catering to music festivals and other outdoor events is CloakVroom—a fully mobile cloakroom in a custom-fitted truck. CloakVroom is staffed 24 hours a day to provide event-goers with peace of mind, and offer event organisers a … More »
  6. Gyms for kids use gaming to keep them hooked: Earlier this year, we reported on NexGym—a youth fitness franchise that keeps youngsters moving through video game-inspired workouts. It turns out they’re not the only players capitalizing on kids’ fitness by incorporating video games. Canadian Bulldog Interactive Fitness and Colorado’s XRKade are getting in on exergaming, too. More »
  7. Marketplace for P2P rental: New Zealand-based Hire Things, which is currently in public beta, is promoted as a low risk, cost effective marketing channel for hire and rental services, and a facilitator for ‘micro-hire-businesses’. Think of it as eBay for renting goods. The company is an enterprising mash-up of two major trends: minipreneurs … More »
  8. Swish showers on location: Last year, we wrote about luxury loos on location—portable toilets with a glamorous touch, which were a fun example of how everything can be upgraded. We just came across a similar venture, also from the UK. Catering to outdoor happenings, from music festivals to equestrian events, Posh Wash Showers … More »
  9. Coloured bubbles: Technological advancements don’t always have to be useful or change the world in a profound and meaningful way. Sometimes, they can just be fun. Like colored bubbles. A world’s first, Zubbles are the result of 10 years of kitchen sink experiments by chemist Tim Kehoe, VP of R&D at … More »
  10. Thumb-sized floatation device lifts up to one kilo: As featured on BBC’s Dragons’ Den last night, young entrepreneur James Halliburton is bringing an innovative solution to market for boaters who are worried about losing valuable items overboard. Waterbuoy is a tiny device that combines a miniature gas tank with a trigger mechanism, a balloon and a light. More »