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Touchable videos break the female pleasure taboo

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OMGYes is a website that provides subscribers with touchable sex ed videos, with the aim to explore the taboo subject of female pleasure.

Female sexual pleasure is still a massively taboo subject, but a new interactive website based on research from the University of Indiana and the Kinsey institute hopes to change that. OMGYES has collated the preferences, tips and techniques gathered during interviews and surveys with 2000 women, and turned them into 47 instructive videos. The site, created by startup For Goodness Sake, also includes 11 responsive videos for touch-screen devices, which enable the user to test out clitoral stimulation techniques and yield results based on real women’s preferences.


To access the content, users are required to subscribe to the site for a one-off payment of GBP 25. They can then view and interact with the videos using touch-screen devices or on a computer via a mouse. The videos are created from stitched images of demonstrations by real women showing how they like to be touched. The women worked with engineers to program in their unique sensitivities and reactions and the videos give audio feedback, so that users can adjust and improve their technique according to the response.


We have seen a few other products that focus of the business of female pleasure, such as the Little Rooster vibrating alarm clock. How else could tech companies use personal devices to explore this taboo area?



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