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Tours of Prague – for teddy bears

Travel & Tourism

Stuffed animals can already play a starring role in storybooks thanks to Typlume & Graphine’s series La Vie de Mon Doudou. Now, for teddies with a taste for adventure, there’s the opportunity to tour the sights of Prague and return home with a suitcase full of souvenirs. Czech Toy Traveling bills itself as “the first global travel agency for teddy bears and cuddly toys”, and it offers consumers with toys hankering to see the world a choice of several tour packages. The basic fare of EUR 90 ensures that a ted will communicate by email daily during his, her or its travels and then return home with photographs, a certificate and a gift. The extended fare, priced at EUR 140, adds more photographs, an “aromatherapy service”, and an original travel box; while the premium fare of EUR 150 adds a photo album, a “massage” and an original shipment package. Toy Traveling serves only toys sized 80cm x 40cm x 40cm or smaller, and weighing no more than 3kg. Toy Traveling currently focuses its tours solely on Prague, but it’s already forming plans for expansion: Bratislava, Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Paris and Rio de Janeiro are all possibilities, according to the company’s Facebook page. It seems to us there could also be a fruitful partnership with TinyPocketPeople, allowing consumers to take vicarious trips by sending mini versions of themselves. There are lots of opportunities in this quirky field—maybe it’s time to start playing with toys again! (Related: Monthly mail service turns kids into globe-trotters.) Spotted by: Giulia Cuccolini



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