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Contest by wearable magazine asks participants to be kind

Nonprofit & Social Cause

It wasn’t too long ago that we wrote about T-Post for a second time—the focus then was its augmented reality t-shirt—yet now here we are covering the innovative company again. The reason this time? Looks like the creative minds behind the Swedish wearable magazine are the latest to succumb to the “random acts of kindness” trend we’ve been following for some time. Last month T-Post kicked off its Real-Life Superhero Contest in the hopes of encouraging participants to do something good for society. Launched to coincide with the magazine’s May issue—entitled “I Am Shining Star” and designed to highlight what T-Post says is a growing, modern-day superhero trend—the contest asked entrants to don a costume and then take to the streets to help others. Said costume could include the “I Am Shining Star” shirt or not, as long as the wearer performed some good deed, captured the act on video and posted it on YouTube by midnight on June 14. Winners are now being decided; the video that received the most views by the contest’s deadline will win USD 1,000, while a separate winner chosen by T-post’s editors—for a combination of factors including costume design, deed performed and overall entertainment value–will win a free T-post subscription for life. The results are pouring in, and so far it seems clear that kindness really can be good for business. Greed is so yesteryear; time to make generosity the name of your brand’s game! (Related: Free umbrellas on rainy days aim to inspire kindnessCanadian credit union gives people ten-dollar bills to give awayOnline game focuses on real-world kindnessClothing brand asks its wearers to be kindRandom acts of kindness for Hyatt’s most loyal guests.) Spotted by: Lieke Voermans



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