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App provides real-time instant messaging translation service

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Back in 2008 we wrote about SpeakLike’s real-time translation service for web-based instant messaging, and recently we came across a like-minded contender offering a similar service as a mobile app. US-based TNT Creations’ TransFire app provides real-time instant messaging translation in more than 50 languages for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Once a user has connected the app to their Google Chat, TransFire will automatically translate any incoming chat messages in real-time. For example, in a conversation between an English language speaker and a Japanese language speaker, the app would translate all incoming messages to English for the English language speaker, and all outgoing messages to Japanese. The app can also be used to help users learn foreign languages by sounding translated text aloud, and there are options to store favorite translated phrases. Nor does the app need to be used exclusively with Google Chat – users can copy in text from any source, such as a website, and ask TransFire to translate. The app is currently available from the App Store for USD 1.99. Mobile communications continue to break down borders between global users, with language differences presenting one of the few remaining obstacles. Automated real-time translation offers a solution, as long as it’s up to the challenge — one to test out for yourself! (Related: Translation service taps the native-speaking crowds.)



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