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Wireless charging

Transmitter turns any surface into a wireless charger


This technology could make traditional chargers obsolete and radically impact major industries.

We are increasingly reliant on digital devices nowadays. With that dependency comes a need for constant energy sources. Forgetting your charger can suddenly leave your stranded in our virtual world. Springwise have already featured innovations seeking to solve such problems, such as this smart backpack. The idea has also spread to other technology, with this drone being able to recharge mid-flight. An Israeli startup has gone a step further in the charging realm with their latest venture.

Humavox‘s technology offers the capability to turn any surface into a wireless charging station. The transmitter itself is attached to a cup or drawer and a receiver is placed in the device. Through Near Field Communication (NFC) between these two pieces of technology, the device can charge without the need for a cable. The small size of both parts of the technology make them suitable for almost any device or surface.

A Humavox-powered surface can charge multiple devices at once, helping to keep entire households running. Modern families can easily have over a dozen gadgets on average and so cutting down on chargers can help save clutter and energy. Devices also don’t have to align perfectly with the charging space, unlike many competitors. This fits with the on-the-go nature of the product.

The technology is not yet on sale for consumer purchase and there as yet no plans to do so. Humavox are instead working with manufacturers to best integrate their transmitter technology into existing spaces. They have a direct focus on working with hospitals and the military.



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