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Sustainable accommodation | Photo source Jonas Denil on Unsplash

Travel accommodation website only lists sustainable housing

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A new accommodation website is an alternative to Airbnb and only lists housing that is sustainable.

As the demand for more ecological travel grows, Neste has launched new travel website – as part of its ‘Journey to Zero’ initiative – which lists only sustainable accommodation options. Based in Finland, Neste is the world’s second most sustainable company and a world leading renewable diesel producer. Neste states that tourism causes nearly one tenth of greenhouse gas emissions around the world. It hopes that the launch of their sustainable accommodation site will encourage US travel marketplace Airbnb to create a sustainable category for their website.

Zerobnb launched on International Day of Climate Action which took place on 24 October. The listings shown on Zerobnb include properties that feature recycling stations, encourage guests to minimise plastic waste, and have local sustainable transport, services and restaurants. Sirpa Tuomi, Director of Marketing at Neste, said: “The demand for more sustainable travel is growing, but when you are not an expert, it can be very demanding to evaluate whether a certain accommodation is sustainable or not. This is why it is important to make sustainable alternatives more accessible for everyone.”

Here at Springwise we have featured many innovations that are changing the way people travel; from bookings processes to hotel stay experiences. For example, a hotel in Norway combines luxury with sustainability and produces more energy than it consumes. Another example is a travel startup in Sweden that helps people with disabilities to locate accommodation that is accessible.




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