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Travel app connects tourists with locals up for a party

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The Netherlands' Party With A Local is helping tourists hook up with residents that know the best spots for a shindig.

All tourists — whether they're alone or in a group — sometimes get the feeling that they're missing a great event because they simply haven't heard about it. Having an acquaintance in a new city is always a good way to find out about events and meet some locals. While apps such as Backpackr have already aimed to help solo travelers connect with each other, the Netherlands' Party With A Local is now helping tourists hook up with residents that know the best spots for a shindig.

A lot like other social apps that help strangers connect, Party With A Local uses Facebook profiles and GPS to show tourists who's nearby and willing to meet up. Users can see who is also traveling and who is a local and can check their profile to see if they're a good match. Solo travelers can meet up with others on their own, or can join a group of locals looking to meet someone new. Alternatively, a group of tourists can join another group of tourists or a group of locals that want to make their party a bit more fun.

For travelers, the app lets them meet people who can show them bars, clubs, restaurants or even house parties that they would never have found or been invited to otherwise. For locals, they get to show someone round their city and make a connection from another part of the world, and in return perhaps get a tour around the tourist's home city.

Watch the video below to learn more about the app:


Available for both iOS and Android devices, Party With A Local is yet another way that tourists can access local knowledge to make their trip a bit more special. How else can meetups be facilitated when visiting a new place?



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