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Travelers have affordable, premium essentials delivered to hotel

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unPack deliver an inventory of essential items and clothing — starting from USD 29.99 — to users’ hotels, so they can go luggage-free.

More innovations are enabling travelers to go luggage-free, such as a wardrobe-storage service, or the option for frequent visitors to leave clothes at the hotel, which will be laundered when they return. US-based unPack is now letting travelers to have a set of essentials delivered to their destination, so they take the hassle out of packing, or just travel light and go luggage-free.

unPack have identified three areas of travel difficulty — taking toiletries through security, remembering the right appliance chargers and buying specific clothing appropriate for the destination and its season. With the service, users are given a set of toiletries, and can choose to rent a clothing bundle of designer brands to suit the local weather conditions for the duration of their trip. Visiting New York in the fall would give users a bundle of warm coats, gloves, scarves and an umbrella. When it’s time to check out, users leave the clothes and accessories with the hotel for pickup, and travel back to the airport as lightly as they arrived.

To keep prices low, the startup has partnered with brands looking for travelers to try their products, and users have the option to purchase an item just by keeping them when they head home. (Toiletries are for users to keep.)


unPack is currently in invite-only beta and limited to New York and Boston, with hopes of adding further destinations in the near future. How else can users travel luggage-free?



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