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Play kits attach to tray tables to keep kids busy inflight

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Anyone who’s ever traveled by plane with a small child is well-acquainted with the frustrations of trying to keep toys off the floor and out of the aisles. That’s where the TrayKit comes in — the all-in-one backpack can strap to train and plane tray tables or hang from the front seat in a car to provide an extendable play surface that keeps everything contained. Users of Contented&Calm’s GBP 24.99 TrayKit begin by packing it with the child’s favourite toys and bringing it on board. Once the child is seated, the kit can then be strapped to the tray table or forward seat to keep it secure. Kids then simply open it up to reveal a play surface with extendable raised sides, keeping their toys off the floor and out of the way. The TrayKit is available online in blue or pink. A similar inflight entertainment kit for younger children (6–24 months) is available from StarKids, as Airline Trends points out. Airlines, rental car companies and others involved in the transportation of passengers: how about offering these to harassed parents as a perk or paid extra…?



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