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Phone support for seniors, by seniors

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As the baby boom generation ages, there’s a growing need for support services among senior citizens. Just recently we profiled Florence Henderson’s FloH Club for remote computer support, and since then we came across Tree Rings, a company that provides telephone support for seniors — and by seniors — on a variety of topics. Arizona-based Tree Rings was founded with the goal of hiring baby boomers to help provide support services for companies that target retirees and senior citizens. The company is building state-of-the art, IP-enabled micro-call centers in small strip malls bordering large retirement communities across the US, beginning in Arizona. Its call centers in Scottsdale and Sun City, for example, draw upon a highly educated senior market demographic of 200,000. Tree Rings specializes in simple outbound appointment setting, inbound customer service, simple Level One technical support, help desk, back-office data-processing and sales-related services. Target industries include telecommunications and new media, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, travel, banking and insurance. Tree Rings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ashesi Global Services. Anyone still doubt the market power of the 1.5 billion or so seniors worldwide who are expected to make up the market by 2050? We didn’t think so. How can *your* brand do a better job of serving and marketing to seniors…? (Related: Home enhancement service focuses on senior citizensBeing spaces for seniorsHealth and wellness shop focuses on seniorsHelping seniors relocateDriving service for seniorsSupermarkets for seniors.)



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