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Design and sell your own knitwear


Knitwear fans can already design their own hats and even choose a granny to do the knitting, thanks to French Golden Hook. Now they can design their own cashmere sweaters, scarves and more—and then sell their creations—on Trendy Workshop. Users of Custom & Co.’s Trendy Workshop—also from France—can create their own knit sweaters, scarves, dresses, tunics, bags and jackets in a choice of cashmere or cotton. The site’s design platform lets users specify the shapes, sleeves, necks, finishes, belts, pockets and other details of a variety of items for men, women and children. They can alternate front and back views at will throughout the design process, as well as choosing from a wide range of colours for their creations. Pricing for a custom-designed cashmere scarf, for example, is EUR 89. Clothes designed on Trendy Workshop are produced in China and delivered within three weeks, according to a report on Tiburon-TV. Perhaps even more interesting than the design-your-own capabilities, however, is that creating an item on Trendy Workshop entitles the user to sell their creations on the very same platform. Beginners start with the status of “designer apprentice” and set up a personal store on the site. Their creations then get shown in the online boutique and offered for sale. For every purchase, a commission of 5 to 10 percent gets awarded to the product’s creator, depending on their status. Trendy Workshop currently offers delivery to Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Ireland and Portugal. One to partner with or emulate for the knitwear fans near you…? (Related: Design your own Keds & sell them on Zazzle.) Spotted by: Tristan Daeschner



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