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Tribal tourism | Update

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In April, we reported on Tribe Wanted, the entrepreneurial social experiment that’s aiming to create the world’s first online and offline tribal community. Tribe Wanted views a Fijian island as its geographical home, and yesterday, 13 ‘first footers’ landed on the island. The group participated in a traditional ceremony with the island’s native inhabitants, who the imported tribe will be working with over the next three years. So far, Tribe Wanted has sold 925 of 5,000 available memberships. Over the past months, tribe members have gathered in various parts of the world to get to know each before heading out to Fiji, and to hone their survival skills: gutting fish, starting fires and navigating by the stars. The organisation also gained support from the Fiji Visitors Bureau, which is happy to see some activity in often overlooked northern Fiji.



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