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Back in 2006 we wrote about Scoopt Words, an agency that set out to connect bloggers with press outlets. Sadly, Scoopt closed its doors earlier this year, but now a new contender out of Israel is taking a different approach to getting bloggers published—and paid for their efforts. With a content network of niche websites on topics ranging from poetry to business, sports, travel, health and more, Triond accepts original content in any format, including written articles, pictures, audio and video. Users begin by registering for free and creating a public profile on the site, then submitting their content. Next, Triond reviews their submission; once approved, it publishes the work on the participating site that’s best suited to it, handling all the technical, marketing, operational and financial details. Even better is that as soon as that happens, the content begins generating revenue from display and contextual advertising that’s placed on the same pages, with 50 percent of any earnings going directly back to the blogger. Tools on the site allow content creators to easily monitor their content, give and receive feedback, and interact with others in the Triond community. Users’ profile pages, meanwhile, can be customised with all of their creations, in effect serving as a dynamic online portfolio of their published work. Triond is a service by Tel Aviv-based Stanza Ltd. If there’s one thing that seems clear in the ever-shifting—and struggling—world of journalism, it’s that blogging is here to stay. Making it widely profitable is the obvious next step, and there will be no shortage of rewards for those who make that happen. One to emulate on a localized or niche basis? (Related: Free daily pays bloggers.) Spotted by: Bryce Hufnal



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