Innovation That Matters

Limited edition laptop sleeves, each with a story to tell


Planned scarcity is a well-known tactic for increasing a product’s appeal, and a new Australian venture is taking full advantage of that strategy with its collection of strictly limited-edition designer laptop sleeves. Launched in July 2009, Melbourne-based Tropical Howie caters for consumers seeking a more creative protective covering for their laptop over the bland offerings that dominate the market. Each eye-catching Tropical Howie design is limited to 750 sleeves; and Tropical Howie’s website displays the numbers remaining. Adding to their uniqueness, the designs feature an accompanying story—some of them quite risqué—printed on the inside of the sleeve. There are currently six designs on offer, available for 13in, 15in or 17in laptops. Made from high quality 5mm neoprene, the sleeves are priced at AUD 69.95 and worldwide shipping is available. There’s nothing like a dose of scarcity to capture the attention of exclusivity-hungry consumers worldwide. Keen to help satisfy the laptop-owning masses? Tropical Howie welcomes distribution enquiries. Or is this one to emulate—perhaps enhanced with a dash of consumer-defined content for stories or designs? (Related: Sticky car art: now for laptops and walls, too.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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