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Trusted neighbors can earn money collecting packages

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eNeighbr is an app that lets users earn USD 3.5 for every delivery item they collect for their neighbors.

We’ve seen how apps can enable communities to book a handyman collectively, or facilitate a local sharing economy, and now eNeighbr is enabling users to choose a neighbor to receive their package when they are not home.


When shopping online, users can select to have their packages delivered to locals who will be at home to collect them. Shoppers can message an eNeighbr to arrange a delivery time, and both parties can track the item using the app. To collect their package, shoppers present a ‘release code’ to the eNeighbrs, who can verify through the app. The app charges an additional delivery fee of USD 3.99, and eNeighbrs earn USD 3.50 per collected item. The app also enables users to rate their package collectors.

eNeighbr is currently being used in NYC, and the app can work anywhere in the US. What other services could workers at home provide for their neighbors, and earn a few bucks in the meantime?



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