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Turn any online text into a To-Do task

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Todoed is an internet browser plugin that enables any text to be turned into a task — all users have to do is highlight anywhere and right click.

Created by entrepreneurs from Preseed Web Lab, Todoed is a Chrome browser plugin designed to make online collaboration and task management quicker and easier. Built particularly for entrepreneurs who work remotely and communicate via online chats, it works by letting users highlight text anywhere on a screen and right click to ‘Add to Todoed’.

Users don’t have to switch windows or log-in to other programs or apps to add tasks to Todoed. And because tasks can be created at any time from text anywhere on the screen, including chat, email or webpage text, the need to scroll back through hundreds of contributions to an online conversation is eliminated.

After adding something to Todoed, the tasks can be assigned to different users. Anyone invited to be a part of a Todoed team can add to and amend the list, and the fullscreen version of a Todoed task list lets contributors add users, view reminders and check completion rates.

Development plans for Todoed include versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer, mobile apps for Android and iOS and capability to add Todoed assignments directly to other task management programs such as Asana, and to bookmarking apps such as Pocket and Readability.

We have seen productivity apps that feature personalization, from the custom news stream that lists deadlines and updates from all of a worker’s cloud-based applications, to the smart scheduler that suggests the best time of day for each activity.

Could other aspects of personal communication benefit from a more streamlined method of listing and delegating tasks?


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