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Turning phone calls into phonecasts

Work & Lifestyle

Voice over IP isn’t just making phone calls cheaper. It’s also spawning innovative services that make calls smarter. Case in point: a new start-up called Pheeder, which allows users to communicate with groups of people simultaneously, with just one phone call. How it works: a registered member calls Pheeder, leaves a message, and hangs up. Seconds later, the message is delivered to a pre-selected group of friends, who can either reply to the message or forward it to their friends. Members can also subscribe to another member’s pheeds, turning phone calls into subscription phonecasts. (Will phoneblogs be the next podcasts?) Micro-broadcasting aside, Pheeder could be a very useful, time-saving service for consumers, whether they’re coordinating a business meeting or a playgroup. One to partner with if you’re in any way involved with helping consumers interact.



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