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TV Network hopes to make space videos accessible to all


Sen’s vision for Space TV is to capture space data and videos on Earth and space, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Space is a mystery to most, with many thinking they have some idea of what it beholds thanks to Hollywood movies. UK-based Sen, however, hopes to educate the public with its platform, filled with space data and videos called Space TV. The videos for the network are to be taken from deployed spacecrafts, providing real-time footage of the Earth as it rotates and a zoomed perspective of objects that are just 0.5 metres from the ground. The videos will be available alongside multi-world data, analytics and a unique perspective of humanity.

Sen hopes to build a space data infrastructure suitable for mass consumption. The company plans to deploy its first video camera in Low Earth Orbit, generating high-resolution video data and analytics, generating videos about the Moon and Mars at a later date. Sen’s main satellite platform is a micro satellite, designed for multi-world scalability. In addition to video content, it has also been designed to carry extra data sensors to gather information about Earth, Lunar and Mars constellations. The aim is for all the data and video content to be viewable on smartphones so the public can access it at any point, from anywhere, educating them on the movements of the world and beyond.

Innovative uses for satellites is just one way technology is bringing outer space back to earth, with the recent creation of the world’s smallest satellite that has been used by NASA and an app that lets users locate satellites taking images are other examples of the way it has been utilised. How would you use such platforms to explore space?



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